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Bel Canto

Foto Juliet Fraser / Cassandra Miller ©Dimitri Djuric / Andrew Parker


    Cassandra Miller:‎
    Tracery: Lazy, Rocking (2017) 8'‎
    For Mira (2013) 6'‎
    Bel Canto (2011) 17'‎
    Traveller Song (2017-18) 21'‎


    Juliet Fraser, soprano

    Plus-Minus Ensemble
    Laia Bobi Frutos, flute
    Vicky Wright, clarinet
    Tom Pauwels, guitar
    Mira Benjamin, violin
    Katarzyna Zimińska, viola
    Alice Purton, cello
    Roderick Chadwick, piano
    Mark Knoop, piano/accordion


Tracery is an ongoing collaborative project between the composer and soprano Juliet Fraser. Based on a Deep Listening exercise, focusing on oral traditions and their vocal expression, the performers experiment with the limits of freedom and vulnerability on stage.
Bel Canto is based on a fragment of Puccini’s Vissi d’arte sung by Maria Callas, composed using Miller's method of taking parts of recordings, including found footage, and using them as structural seeds.
Traveller Song is a tour de force of the appropriation method: using manipulated recordings of the composer herself singing traditional Sicilian music from the collection of Alan Lomax, the processes of mixing, translating and transforming go far beyond the conventional concept of arranging or adapting music, to produce something that is quite radical and new.

    • 30 September 2021
  • €15
  • Hall 2 Oriol Martorell
  • Sampler Series

Cassandra Miller, guest composer at L’Auditori in 2020 and 2021, works by constantly appropriating concepts and fragments from other genres. Miller selects from a radically wide range of recordings of popular and traditional music, old scores and manuscripts, diluting them down to produce a completely new, multi-layered sound.



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