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Aleix Palau | 24 January 2020

The Barcelona Symphony Band and the Bilbao Symphony Band join forces this weekend at L'Auditori

The Bilbao Symphony Band comes to L'Auditori to repeat the highly successful concert ‎performed by the two bands in Bilbao last week. The concert, conducted by José Rafael ‎Pascual-Vilaplana, will take place this Sunday at 6 pm in Sala 1 Pau Casals.‎

This Sunday, the Barcelona Symphony Band and the Bilbao ‎Symphony Band join forces at L'Auditori to bring us the concert ‎they performed together in the Basque capital last week. ‎

The bands will be under the baton of José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana, who is ‎the conductor of both ensembles. They will perform the Concerto for ‎Symphony Band by Amando Blanquer. The concert ‎marks the 125th anniversary of the Bilbao band. ‎

The programme will be the same as the one heard in Bilbao: the Basque band will perform ‎pieces by Usandizaga and Guridi and the Barcelona band will perform works by Toldrà and ‎Brotons.‎

Download the concert programme.