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Aleix Palau | 17 February 2020

Barcelona's Museu de la Música sees record visitor numbers in January

The museum received 4,204 visitors, signifying an increase of 23.5% compared to January ‎‎2019. The Bierstedt piano, donated by the Coma-Cros family, takes its place in the museum's ‎collection with a concert by fortepianist Laura Granero.‎

Barcelona's Museu de la Música sees record visitor numbers in January

Barcelona’s Museu de la Música received 4,204 visitors in January, a figure ‎representing a 23.5% increase compared to the same month in 2019. ‎

In fact, this has been the January with the most visitors in the Museu de la Música’s ‎long history, something that is in keeping with the museum’s overall growth trend. ‎Proof of this is that, compared to 2012, there has been a 76% rise in ‎visitors.‎

The high numbers of people attending In-Museu, the open doors event at the start of ‎February, and the Clementi exhibition, all point to this too being a good month for ‎Barcelona’s Museu de la Música figures. ‎

The Coma-Cros family donate an 1827 Bierstedt piano
Yesterday, fortepianist Laura Granero performed pieces by Clementi, Bomtempo, ‎Beethoven and Field in a concert in the Sala de Teclats del Museu where the ‎Bierstedt piano, donated by the Coma-Cros family, was presented for the first time.‎

The instrument, built around 1827, is in a very good state of conservation and is now included ‎in the Museu de la Música’s collection of 32 square pianos. Something particularly special ‎about it is that it isone of only four surviving Bierstedt square pianos known to exist ‎in Europe today.‎

The museum’s piano came to Barcelona at some point during the 19th century, most likely ‎mid-century, and was used in Barcelona’s Palau de la Música during the 1920s when ‎the Orquestra Pau Casals began to perform their first historicist interpretations from the ‎classical repertoire.‎

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