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La Banda at La Mercè

Anniversaries and a Big Celebration

Foto Banda Municipal de Barcelona ©May Zircus


    Julio Laporta Hellín: Mi Barcelona (My Barcelona) (1911) 25’
    Herbert Owen Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana (Mexican Party) (1949-54)
    Amadeu Vives: Bohemios (Bohemians). Zarzuela selection (1904). Arrangement by Joan Lamote de Grignon. 150th anniversary of the birth of Amadeu Vives
    Enric Morera: A la plaça (On the Square). Sardana (1908)
    Manuel Oltra i Ferrer: Commemorativa (Commemoration). Sardana (1958)
    Antoni Ros-Marbà: Porta Ferrada. Sardana (1973) Symphony band version premiere. Arrangement by Jordi León
    Juli Garreta: Juny (June). Sardana (1921). 100th anniversary of the piece


    Barcelona Symphony Band

    José R. Pascual-Vilaplana, conductor
    • Free concert, booking required. Limited places‎
    • Seu del Districte de Nou Barris (Pl. Major de Nou Barris, 2)
    • Other La Banda concerts

    The concept of ‘party’ is always associated with a group of people gathering to commemorate an event, a collective joy of sorts that is more often than not interwoven with the sound of music. And the hedonism it inspires imbues our souls in a clean and honest manner. In its concert for La Mercè, the Barcelona Symphony Band celebrates several reasons for a big celebration, ranging from the 150th Anniversary of the La Mercè festivities, coinciding with the birth of the great Catalan composer Amadeu Vives, to the centenary of Juli Garreta’s iconic sardana Juny. The festivities will be accompanied by the march Mi Barcelona, combining the Alcoy and Barcelona festivals; the symphony La fiesta Mexicana, which brings to mind another Marian festival from Aztec lands; and, of course, some of our own sardana music, including the premiere of the symphony band version of Porta Ferrada, a work originally written by the great composer Ros-Marbà and arranged for symphony band by our colleague Jordi León. Let’s party, and let’s do it together: it’s so much more enjoyable that way!


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