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The Barcelona Symphony Band brings us a concert brimming with ‎Christmas magic under the baton of José R. Pascual Vilaplana, with some ‎very special voices: those of the Amics de la Unió Children’s Choir and ‎‎soprano Maria Hinojosa.‎

One of the most delightful things about Christmas is seeing children’s beaming faces. Their ‎excitement in anticipation of being given presents by the traditional Catalan Tió de ‎Nadal and the Three Kings brings smiles all round and puts the little ones firmly centre ‎stage. The music of this concert is shaped by this world, bursting with zest and sparkle, and ‎presents classic and decidedly contemporary works featuring the voices of VEUS - Amics de la ‎Unió Children’s Choir from Granollers.‎

When Bizet discovered that his wife was pregnant, he composed a work inspired by ‎children’s toys such as the spinning top, a doll and tin soldiers. He created a short musical ‎gem where merriment and good cheer are in abundance right from the first bar. ‎The concept ‎behind David, a song of hope by Melillo, is rooted in the struggle between David ‎and Goliath. To the Stars! and Celtic Child are original works for a ‎high-voice choir and wind band. The first invites us to take a journey filled with adventure ‎through space, and the second presents different moments in the life of children with a ‎stirring final dance. To finish off, Albert Guinovart presents a suite featuring the most popular ‎Catalan Christmas carols.‎

‎16 December 2018, Sala 1 Pau Casals. L'Auditori‎

GEORGES BIZET: Jeux d'enfants (Children's Games)‎
NIGEL HESS: To the Stars! A journey into space for symphonic wind band and children’s choir
ALBERT GUINOVART: Suite Nadalenca (Christmas Suite)‎

Musicians and Performers:
Barcelona Symphony Band
VEUS - Amics de la Unió Children's Choir
Maria Hinojosa, soprano
José R. Pascual Vilaplana, conductor

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