Through the Apropa Cultura (Bring Culture Closer) social programme, during its regular programme of concerts, the Auditorium allocates 2% of its seating to social organizations working with vulnerable groups suffering from a disability or at risk of social exclusion for a price of €3 per person.

An initiative set in motion by the Auditorium in 2006, Apropa Cultura currently opens the doors of over 90 cultural venues in different parts of Catalonia to people attended to by these social organizations. In addition to concerts performed at the Auditorium, the programme facilitates attendance at shows, as well as tours, workshops and activities held in theatres, auditoriums, festivals and museums. Likewise, it provides artistic training to social educators and artistic training with special attention to accessibility and diversity to specialists from cultural spheres.

If you know of any social organization that could benefit from the Apropa Cultura cultural programme, please click here for full information.

In addition to facilitating attendance at concerts, L’Auditorium Apropa offers two participatory activities designed for groups who have difficulty sharing concerts with other members of the public:

A morning of orchestra: this is a participatory workshop aimed at organizations working with alzheimer sufferers and also groups of people with intellectual disabilities or autism.

The Et toca a tu or It’s your turn project is another participatory activity promoted by Apropa, in conjunction with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) as part of the latter’s season at L'Auditori. It is performed by people in vulnerable circumstances from social and educational organizations that work with music as a tool for social integration.

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