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Aleix Palau | 4 December 2019

Albert Guinovart records his new album with the OBC

The pianist and composer creates his third album with the OBC, conducted by Diego Martín. ‎‎El lament de la terra (The Lament of the Earth) will be ‎released on the Sony Classics label and features two symphonic poems ‎and a piano concerto.‎

Albert Guinovart records his new album with the OBC

This week, pianist and composer Albert Guinovart will ‎be in L’Auditori’s Sala 1 Pau Casals to record his new album with the Barcelona ‎Symphony Orchestra. Entitled El lament de la terra, ‎the CD, released by Sony Classics, will feature the symphonic ‎poems El lament de la terra, which was ‎commissioned by the OBC and premiered in 2009, and the Somni de ‎Gaudí (Gaudí’s Dream).‎

The album concludes with the Piano concerto No. 3, Les mans del ‎vent (The Hands of the Wind), where the composer is also the soloist. This ‎concert was commissioned by the Barcelona Symphony Band and was first performed in 2010 ‎and conducted by Franz-Paul Decker with Guinovart on the piano. For this recording, ‎Guinovart has adapted the music, originally written for a concert band, so it can be ‎performed by a symphony orchestra.‎

With more than a dozen concerts together, the relationship between ‎Albert Guinovart and the OBC now spans almost three decades. The first album they jointly ‎produced was the soundtrack to the film (The Long Winter) by ‎Jaime Camino in 1992, released by EMI. He subsequently released Infamia. Tangos de ‎Barcelona (Infamy. Tangos of Barcelona) on Decca, conducted by Lawrence Foster ‎which was a huge success in terms of sales. El lament de la terra will be the third ‎recording by Guinovart and the OBC.‎

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