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Aleix Palau | 28 February 2022

A call for peace in Ukraine

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, L’Auditori de Barcelona would like to express its ‎condemnation of any kind of violence and to denounce this violation of Ukraine’s democratic ‎freedom and its national sovereignty.‎

A call for peace in Ukraine

We would like to call for peace and harmonious relations among all nations, reaffirming our ‎commitment to human rights and international law.‎

Likewise, we wish to voice our solidarity for the thousands of people who have been forced ‎to abandon their homes and for the loss of life caused by the war.‎

There is no better way of fostering harmonious relations among nations than music and ‎culture. L’Auditori would therefore like to dedicate its upcoming concerts to peace and to the ‎victims of the conflict.‎

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