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Aleix Palau | 5 August 2019

L’Auditori sent its programme to 544,337 people and achieved an attendance rate of 76% during the ‎‎2018-2019 season

The quality of its artistic events, the consolidation of the OBC’s audience and the launch of ‎the Lights of Early Music festival, two key aspects in attracting the 398,636 spectators who ‎came through the doors of L’Auditori, an increase of 14,100 on last year.‎

The 2018-2019 season concluded with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra’s tour of Japan, ‎with L’Auditori reporting an audience increase of 14,107 at the close of the ‎season. L’Auditori’s programme drew in a total audience of 398,636, 14,100 more ‎than last year. Of this total, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra attracted 120,672 ‎spectators, the activities and concerts of Servei Educatiu, 154,154; the L’Auditori seasons ‎‎(Antiga, Cambra, Sampler Sèries, Escenes, Amplificats, Sit Back, Jazz Sessions and ‎International Orchestras), 50,448; the Barcelona Symphony Band, 23,222; and the activities of ‎the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC - Catalonia College of Music) and other ‎musical institutions, 99,766.‎
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A total of 546 concerts were held at L’Auditori during the 2018-2019 season, with an ‎average attendance of 76%. This represents a 1% increase on the previous year ‎and 3% on the 2016-2017 season. ‎
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137 concerts were held outside the concert halls of ‎L’Auditori and were attended by a total of 145,701 people. The main ‎attractions were the OBC’s tour of Japan (28,448 spectators), the Beach Concert (15,000 ‎spectators) and the concerts given by the Barcelona Symphony Band at various locations ‎throughout the city (11,682 spectators).‎
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During the 2018-2019 season, the artistic events at L’Auditori and at other locations ‎in the city were attended by 544,337 spectators, 30,311 more than last year.‎

The OBC and the Barcelona Symphony Band consolidate their audiences
The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra performed a total of 116 ‎concerts (78 season concerts, 16 during their Japanese tour, 10 chamber music ‎concerts, 6 extra concerts, 5 family and educational concerts and the Beach Concert). In total, ‎‎174,755 people went to see the OBC during the 2018-2019 season, with a ‎total audience attendance of 75% with respect to all programmed ‎activities.‎
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One of the highlights of the OBC’s many activities was its five-week tour of Japan, with ‎concerts sold out at every venue they performed at. With regard to L’Auditori’s concerts, the ‎main crowd-pullers were the concert version of Turandot, Beethoven’s ‎‎Ninth Symphony with Agrupación Señor Serrano, the concert given by the OBC ‎and Brad Mehldau and the screening of the third part of the film Lord of the Rings ‎accompanied by live music. ‎
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This season, the Barcelona Symphony Band performed 26 ‎concerts, of which 20 were season concerts and 6 were extra concerts. The ‎concerts given by the historical ensemble achieved an audience attendance of ‎‎76%. The Servei Educatiu’s events (with activities for families ‎and school children and participatory events) reported similar figures to the previous season, ‎attracting more than 154,000 spectators and boasting an attendance rate of ‎‎85%.‎

Big names for the Cambra and Antiga seasons
The Música Antiga season included 11 concerts, held in conjunction with ‎one of the main new developments of the season, the Lights of Early Music ‎Festival, during which seven concerts were hosted in churches and historic ‎landmarks around Barcelona. The Música Antiga season drew in10,322 ‎spectators and had an attendance of 61%. The line-up featured ‎prominent artists such as Jordi Savall, Accademia Bizantina, harpsichordist Jean Rondeau and ‎RIAS Kammerchor. ‎
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L’Auditori’s Chamber Music Season attracted audiences totalling ‎‎7,568 people to 19 concerts and featured prominent names such as the ‎flautist Emmanuel Pahud, violinist Janine Jansen, pianist Lars Vogt and the Mahler Chamber ‎Orchestra under conductor Pablo Heras-Casado. The Chamber Music Season closed with an ‎‎audience attendance of 55%.‎

The Lights of Early Music Festival and Festival Emergents Barcelona, two attractive ‎projects by L’Auditori
The two festivals organised by L’Auditori, the Lights of Early Music Festival ‎and Festival Emergents Barcelona, drew in a total of 8,000 spectators. The first edition of the ‎Lights of Early Music Festival attracted 1,500 spectators and had 80% ‎attendance. Of the seven programmed concerts, four were a complete sell out, ‎consolidating this immensely successful new event. ‎

The high artistic quality of the Lights of Early Music Festival, featuring some of the most ‎acclaimed soloists and ensembles on the international scene, and the fantastic venues for ‎the concerts, held at L’Auditori and in three historical spaces in Barcelona, secured the ‎success of this first edition.‎

The third edition of Festival Emergents Barcelona, a major musical event ‎in Barcelona featuring both national and international talents, attracted 1,200 spectators ‎more than last year, with a total attendance of 6,679 people, and ‎continues to consolidate itself as a benchmark festival for young musicians in Europe.‎

The musical events at the Festival Emergents Barcelona included chamber, symphonic, and ‎jazz music in collaboration with the country’s leading musical institutions. Last year’s festival ‎featured the Capella Reial Youth Choir of Catalonia, saxophonist Jess Gilliam, cellist ‎Kian Soltani and the Rolston, Simply and Arod quartets. ‎

L’Auditori brought its music to over 145,701 people outside its concert halls
In addition to the programme presented by L’Auditori in its concert halls, the 2018-‎‎2019 season also included 137 concerts held in other locations, bringing L’Auditori’s ‎musical events to 145,701 people. This figure is an increase of 20,000 on ‎last year, despite there being eight fewer concerts. Average attendance at the concerts held ‎outside L’Auditori was 88%.‎
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Among these activities were the educational projects Cantània and ‎‎Cantagran, the OBC’s tour of Japan and the Beach Concert, which this year drew ‎in 15,000 people to Sant Sebastià beach in Barcelona, an increase of 1,000 on last year.‎