Commitment to new creation is at the very core of L’Auditori’s artistic project. This season, ‎with Ramon Humet and Pablo Carrascosa Llopis, paragons of two of the most prolific ‎generations of composers over recent years, we will continue to explore new ways of ‎conceiving the concert experience through the commissioning and premiering of works of ‎long duration, and will be able to enjoy their compositions during L’Auditori’s different ‎seasons. Their names join those of Hèctor Parra, Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela, Raquel ‎García-Tomás, Octavi Rumbau and Luis Codera Puzo, who have been guests in previous ‎seasons.‎

The OBC will perform Gagaku from the symphonic catalogue of Ramon ‎Humet (Barcelona, 1968), under the direction of Cristian Măcelaru. Humet will get ‎the Sampler Sèries and Escenes underway with Homenaje a Martha Graham ‎‎(Homage to Martha Graham), a cycle of 80-minute songs for soprano, piano, shakuhachi, four ‎percussionists and dance based on texts by the poet Mario Lucarda. The premier ‎incorporates the commission of a choreography created by Virginie Mécène and performed ‎by the brilliant PeiJu Chien-Pott, a soloist with the Martha Graham Dance Company. An ‎impressive ensemble will perform the musical score: Sarah Maria Sun, Alberto ‎Rosado, Kaoru Kakizakai and Neopercusión. The Llum (Light) choral cycle will be ‎the other major project offered by the Catalan composer. The work, which will be presented ‎by the prestigious Latvian Radio Choir, takes us on an internal journey to the spiritual ‎dimension of man. In the Chamber Music season, Armida Quartett will premier ‎‎Fràgil (Fragile), a work commissioned for string quartet and electronics in which ‎Ramon Humet amplifies friction, strikes and resonances to the limits of sound.‎

As part of the OBC’s season, the composer Pablo Carrascosa Llopis ‎‎(Valencia, 1979) will premiere a work that moves away from the traditional rhetoric of ‎symphonic music, dividing the orchestra into several distinct groups and making use of the ‎‎loop and music tapes as compositional tools. Carrascosa Llopis will also premiere ‎‎White with Frames Percussion and the Barcelona Modern Ensemble. The ‎composer presents this work in two radically different formats: as a live electronic music ‎session performed by Carrascosa Llopis himself, and as a concert with solely acoustic ‎instruments. The acoustic versatility of L’Auditori’s Sala 4 will permit the composer to define ‎different configurations of the space for each part of the work.‎