Aleix Palau | 14 January 2019

The Barcelona Symphony Band’s Christmas carol album (Nadales Arreu), nominated for the Enderrock ‎AwardsThe Barcelona Symphony Band’s Christmas carol album, nominated for the Enderrock Awards

The Enderrock Awards have already presented the first round of finalists, which includes the ‎Band’s Christmas carol album (Nadales Arreu) in the classical music category.‎

Chosen by popular vote, in the second round there will be ten nominations in each category. ‎In the third and final round, only three nominees will go through to the awards ceremony, ‎which will be held at the end of February at L'Auditori.‎

You can vote by clicking here. ‎

Nadales Arreu
Published by Columna Música, Nadales Arreu encompasses works by Manuel Oltra, Joan ‎Alfonso, David León Fioravanti, Joan Casas and Salvador Brotons, who directs the album. It ‎also counts on the participation of the Coral Cantiga, the soprano Ulrike Haller and the ‎baritone Joan Ricart.‎

Each composer has chosen a handful of songs and has orchestrated, embellished or ‎paraphrased them to create a personal Christmas suite. The album features more than thirty ‎different songs, adapted by Manuel Oltra, Joan Alfonso, David León Fioravanti, Joan Casas ‎and Salvador Brotons.‎