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Aleix Palau | 15 January 2019

The OBC ends the Year of Cultural Heritage with a tribute concert to Eduard Toldrà

The Vilanova-born maestro was the OBC’s first resident conductor, a position he held from ‎‎1944 to 1962.‎

The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra will close the Year of Cultural ‎Heritage at L’Auditori with a tribute concert to Eduard Toldrà ‎‎(1895-1962), an icon of the world of music in Catalonia. The maestro, who was born in ‎Vilanova and trained as a violinist, was the first resident conductor of the OBC, at the time ‎known as the Barcelona Municipal Orchestra. In addition, he was a prolific composer of both ‎symphonic works and chamber music, as well as the author of a comic opera and countless ‎original songs.‎

The event is part of the European Year initiative, a great opportunity to showcase Catalonia’s ‎cultural heritage in the EU and the values we share.‎


‎1 February · 8 pm · Hall 1 ‎
Price: €10 / €25‎


Salvador Mas, Edmon Colomer, Antoni Ros ‎Marbà, Josep Pons and Salvador Brotons ‎conductors
David Alegret tenor ‎

TOLDRÀ: La maledicció del Comte Arnau (The Curse of Count Arnau) ‎‎(conducted by Salvador Mas)‎
TOLDRÀ: Empúries (conducted by Salvador Mas)‎
TOLDRÀ: La Filla del Marxant. Scherzo (The Merchant’s Daughter. Scherzo) ‎‎(conducted by Edmon Colomer)‎
TOLDRÀ: La Rosa als llavis (The Rose to the Lips) (conducted by Antoni Ros ‎Marbà and featuring the tenor David Alegret)‎
TOLDRÀ: Vistes al mar. Nocturn (Sea Views. Nocturne) (conducted by ‎Josep Pons)‎
SERRA: Impressions camperoles. Festa (Peasant Impressions. Party) ‎‎(conducted by Salvador Brotons)‎
ROS MARBÀ: Tribute to Toldrà (conducted by Antoni Ros Marbà)‎
LAMOTE: Facècia (Wit) (conducted by Antoni Ros Marbà)‎
GARRETA: Juny (June) (conducted by Antoni Ros Marbà)‎
FERRER: Suite Mediterrània (Mediterranean Suite) (conducted by Antoni ‎Ros Marbà)‎