Aleix Palau | 14 December 2018

The Barcelona Symphony Band celebrates Christmas with a new album

Nadales Arreu, released under the Columna Música label, is a compilation of ‎works by Manuel Oltra, Joan Alfonso, David León Fioravanti, Joan Casas and Salvador Brotons, ‎conducted the band performing on the album. It features the choir Coral Cantiga, the ‎soprano Ulrike Haller and the baritone Joan Ricart.‎

The Barcelona Symphony Band and Columna Música present Nadales Arreu, the latest ‎recording by L’Auditori’s resident ensemble, with a number of compositions based on ‎popular Christmas carols. The works of the album, conducted by Salvador Brotons, also ‎feature the choir Coral Cantiga, the soprano Ulrike Haller and the baritone Joan Ricart. ‎

Each composer has chosen a handful of songs and has orchestrated, embellished or ‎paraphrased them to create his own Christmas carol suite. The album comprises more than ‎thirty different songs based on adaptations by Manuel Oltra, Joan Alfonso, David León ‎Fioravanti, Joan Casas and Salvador Brotons.‎

Christmas and New Year’s Concerts
The album’s release coincides with the Barcelona Symphony Band’s Christmas Concert, ‎featuring works by Bizet, Melillo, Hess, Appermont and Guinovart, which will be held this ‎Sunday, 16 November. In addition, the Amics de la Unió children’s choir and the soprano ‎Maria Hinojosa will perform alongside the Band under the baton of its resident conductor, ‎José R. Pascual-Vilaplana.‎

The Band’s Christmas programme will continue on 29 and 30 December with the traditional ‎New Year’s Concert, focusing on music by Tchaikovsky, Lehár, Johann Strauss, Arditi and Von ‎Suppé. At the end of the concert, its conductor Salvador Brotons will sign albums in the foyer ‎of L’Auditori.‎