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Aleix Palau | 13 December 2018

Sun Kil Moon cancels the tour that would have taken them to L'Auditori

The world tour of American artist Mark Kozelek, frontman of the Sun Kil Moon group, has ‎been cancelled by the tour organisers.‎

The concert, co-programmed with the cooperative L'Afluent for 12 April 2019 in Hall 2 Oriol ‎Martorell of L'Auditori, was to be the last event of the Sit Back season.‎

L'Auditori regrets any inconvenience caused by these unforeseen circumstances and will ‎issue full refunds to those who have purchased tickets for this show. ‎

The next Sit Back events will bring us the composer and guitarist MAVICA on 24 January, and ‎Ferran Palau on 21 February, who will present Blanc, his third solo album. Joana Serrat, one ‎of the most international Catalan singer-songwriters, will perform at L'Auditori on 12 March.‎