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Aleix Palau | 16 October 2018

The Sit Back and Jazz Sessions programmes put L’Auditori at the forefront of Barcelona’s modern ‎music scene

Sit Back promotes modern music in a format that champions the artists’ presentations and ‎the quality of the concert experience. L’Auditori is firmly committed to regular jazz ‎programming, presenting around 20 projects and commissions.‎

On 20 October, L’Auditori will kick off the second edition of the Sit Back series with American ‎singer/songwriter Damien Jurado. The start of the Jazz Sessions will follow on the ‎‎28th of the month, with pianist, composer, arranger and musical director ‎Christophe Chassol. The Jazz Sessions are testament to L’Auditori’s commitment to regular ‎jazz programming, presenting around 20 projects and commissions. ‎

Sit Back, modern music to facilitate quality and artistic innovation
As a key public institution dedicated to promoting and projecting music in all its guises season ‎after season, L’Auditori establishes new events that expand its offering and bring it to ‎increasingly diverse audiences. The Sit Back series presents 10 concerts offering the public ‎the opportunity to relax and enjoy music in the best possible acoustic and performance ‎conditions.‎

Sit Back premièred during the 2017-2018 season and highlights L’Auditori’s ‎ability to promote and produce music events with specific characteristics that require ‎acoustic, performance and listening conditions that other spaces cannot offer.‎
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American singer-songwriter Damien Jurado will be in charge of opening Sit ‎Back 2018-2019. With a nearly 25-year career behind him, you can’t talk about the urban ‎singer-songwriters of the past 15 years without mentioning Jurado’s heartfelt, pained folk ‎rock. The Seattle native will come to Sit Back thanks to the L’Afluent cultural services ‎cooperative, as part of the tour that will also take him to Madrid and Valencia. He will be ‎presenting his latest album, The Horizon Just Laughed, released on 4 May.‎

The second collaboration will be with Barcelona’s In-Edit International Music Documentary ‎Film Festival through the Indiamore project from the artist Chassol, with ‎whom we’ll also be celebrating 50 years of the Barcelona Jazz Festival. In Indiamore, Chassol ‎travels to the Indian cities of Calcutta and Varanasi, from which he draws out ambiences, ‎sounds and music that he translates and produces live, and that he also turned into an ‎essential album and documentary that you can listen to and view at L’Auditori. ‎

Everything Nils Frahm touches turns to gold. In the hands of this German ‎composer and producer, keys, knobs, buttons and faders all turn into beauty switches. ‎Whether his own albums or collaborations with other artists, there is always a common ‎denominator in any project he takes part in: the desire to transform the music into ‎something intangible and ethereal, into relaxation. The charm of this music that floats ‎suspended between different worlds will feature again on 20 November at 9 pm in Hall 1 of ‎L’Auditori, in a concert curated jointly with Primavera Sound.‎
‎ ‎
Jai Alai Vol. 02 is the second volume from the Jai Alai project from Refree. ‎This project started last year with an instalment on guitar improvisation, and its only self-‎imposed limits are that there are no limits. Jai Alai Vol. 02 has also ended up being a kind of ‎soundtrack for the film Between Two Waters by Isaki Lacuesta, a recent Golden Shell ‎winner at the San Sebastian Film Festival.‎
‎ ‎
Composer and guitarist MAVICA forms part of a new generation of women who are making ‎their mark on the Spanish music scene. She recorded her first EP Gone in London, where she ‎currently resides, and was influenced by the sound of artists like Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, ‎Daughter, Ben Howard and Amy Winehouse. The first single, Hot Sand, talks about time and ‎distance, closing old chapters and starting new ones.‎
‎ ‎
Recorded and produced by the artist himself, Blanc is the third solo album from ‎‎Ferran Palau. It’s an album influenced by soul, hip hop, vaporwave, Twin ‎Peaks and Julio Iglesias, with a subtle, delicate beauty that we will be able to enjoy on 21 ‎February in L’Auditori’s Tete Montoliu Hall 3.‎
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Joana Serrat is one of the most international Catalan singer-songwriters. ‎Her first album The Relief Sessions got the attention of Nashville, while the second, Dear ‎Great Canyon, featured Howard Bilerman as producer. With Cross The Verge, she matured ‎artistically and with Dripping Springs she has enhanced her merits even further: composition, ‎performance and the captivating aura given off.‎

On 12 April 2019, it will be the turn of Sun Kil Moon, a one-of-a-kind ‎project fronted by Mark Kozelek. His inimitable voice has accompanied texts that are always ‎brilliant, intense and uneasy, with a lyrical everydayness and a startling sensitivity. At ‎L’Auditori he will be presenting some of the songs from the new album This is my Dinner, ‎recorded between Europe and San Francisco and released this November. ‎

Something special for this year is that the Sit Back series is joining in the celebrations for the ‎‎10th anniversary of the MUTEK festival in Barcelona, in collaboration with the ‎A/Visions programme that will be presented at L’Auditori and will include two shows with ‎uncompromising sound and visual impact, both of which are premières in Spain.‎
‎ ‎
Herman Kolgen returns to MUTEK with ISOTOPP, his work of sound, projection and scientific ‎fusion. Working with corridors of light and radioactive data received in real time, the black-‎and-white ISOTOPP is a hard-hitting, sensorially adventurous bombardment of matter that ‎will amaze viewers with the detonations of pulses of light and energy before their very eyes.‎
‎ ‎
The other event is from Line Katcho, merging different styles, genres and applied technology ‎methods to create electroacoustic compositions with visual landscapes. In her live audio-‎visual presentation Immortelle, Katcho links light and sound in a constant, dramatic ‎metamorphosis as she explores the changing relationships between image and music and ‎between human beings and our environments.‎

The Sit Back series brings us musicians who work based on multiple sound, aesthetic and ‎conceptual layers, forming a programme linked by a common theme: listening. With Sit Back, ‎L’Auditori reclaims the quality of listening as an essential value and highlights the need to ‎consider not only what we listen to, but also the way in which we do it.‎

The programme is created jointly between L’Auditori and well-established promoters of the ‎Catalan modern music scene, such as Barcelona’s In-Edit International Music Documentary ‎Film Festival, cultural cooperative L’Afluent, the Primavera Sound festival and cultural ‎platform Lapsus.‎
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The first edition of the Sit Back series presented around 10 projects that were very well ‎received by audiences – three of the concerts sold out and at least half the tickets were sold ‎for 83% of the concerts – with memorable nights such as the concerts from Jóhann ‎Jóhannsson; GoGo Penguin’s revisit of the soundtrack from the documentary Koyaanisqatsi ‎as part of the In-Edit Festival; the presentation of the latest works by Hauschka and Wolfgang ‎Voight (better known as Gas); and the live performances by Exquirla, Newton Faulkner, ‎Núria Graham, Maria Rodés and Pau Vallvé.‎

The best Spanish and international artists and emerging stars can be found at the ‎Jazz Sessions

For the past three seasons, L’Auditori has featured an extensive and varied jazz programme ‎under the title Jazz Sessions, starring the best international artists, great ‎Spanish musicians, young emerging talents in Spanish jazz who appear year after year and its ‎own productions with newly commissioned works.‎

One of the season’s main projects is the Retrat d’Artista (Artist’s Portrait), ‎which we are dedicating this year to pianist and composer Brad Mehldau ‎with two important projects: the commissioning of a piano concert featuring the OBC and the ‎concert the orchestra will perform alongside tenor Ian Bostridge. The piano concert forms ‎part of an ambitious co-commission where L’Auditori stands together with important ‎institutions such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Luxembourg Philharmonic and the ‎London Jazz Festival.‎

As part of the Jazz Sessions, L’Auditori is committed to new creation and commissions ‎through revisits, which offer a new look at a classic repertoire or essential recordings in the ‎history of music while passing them through the prism of jazz. This season, we will have a ‎concert from saxophonist Gianni Gagliardi, working with the music of ‎Claude Debussy; a re-reading of Isaac Albéniz’s Iberia Suite with a stunning big band led by ‎the maestro Lluís Vidal; and a revisit of Pink Floyd’s legendary album Dark Side of the Moon ‎with composer and guitarist David Soler.‎

In autumn, L’Auditori will join in the 50th anniversary celebrations for ‎Barcelona’s International Jazz Festival, producing and hosting several concerts featuring ‎‎Ignasi Terraza, Omar Sosa, Chicuelo and Mallu Magalhães.‎

The spring will again see the return of the intense week that is the Emergents ‎Festival – the most important time of the year for discovering new talents in jazz ‎and flamenco first-hand – in collaboration with the ESMUC, Taller de Músics and Conservatori ‎del Liceu music schools. The return of the good weather will also bring the traditional ‎‎Vermut Jazz events in the outdoor spaces at L’Auditori, with a selection of ‎the best local artists produced jointly with the Catalan Jazz and Modern Music Musician ‎Association.‎
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Finally, jazz will provide the theme for the Sampler Sèries, dedicated to ‎new music, with two projects that will visit contemporary art centres in the city. The first will ‎be Knknighgh, the piece for quartet by trumpeter Nate ‎Wooley, one of the most interesting musicians on the improvisation scene at the ‎moment, taking place at the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona. The second, ‎‎Phosphorescence, the latest album from improvised music quartet ‎‎Dans les arbres, will be at the Antoni Tàpies Foundation.‎