Lisi Andrés | 18 July 2018

The Government of Catalonia awards the Creu de Sant Jordi to Assumpció Malagarriga, director of the ‎L’Auditori Education Service for over 15 years

In recognition of a life dedicated to music education and bringing music to the people.‎

The Government of Catalonia has awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi to Assumpció ‎Malagarriga in recognition of “her valuable contribution in the ‎area of music education as a teacher and teacher trainer, and also for ‎‎devising and organising the L’Auditori de Barcelona’s Education Service, ‎which brings music to the people, in particular to children and young people, and has become ‎an international point of reference for cultural management”. ‎

Malagarriga headed up the L’Auditori Education Service between 2000 and ‎‎2015, from where she championed iconic shows including Play Bach, The Colours of ‎Metal, and Ma, me, mi...Mozart! The extensive work carried out at the venue has served to ‎position it as a European point of reference in the area of devising ‎concerts, workshops and hands-on activities aimed at bringing music to a wide audience.‎

In 2015, a stroke forced her to give up her professional role, however, since then her ‎willpower and lust for life have helped her to recover. On 21 January 2018, L’Auditori ‎paid a moving tribute to her in the Oriol Martorell Hall 2 involving over 700 ‎musicians, singers, teachers, educators, illustrators and professionals who ‎performed pieces from some of the shows she inspired. ‎

By awarding the Creu de Sant Jordi, the Government of Catalonia publicly ‎recognises the impact that Assumpció Malagarriga has had on ‎generations of children and young people and acknowledges her unique contribution to ‎L’Auditori. ‎

Congratulations Assumpció!