OBC Orchestra

Dare to live intense emotions with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra

The city of Barcelona has had the pleasure of having numerous symphony orchestras, but it was not until 1944 that, with the help of conductor and composer Eduard Toldrá, the Municipal Orchestra of Barcelona was founded. This led to the begining of a regular cycle of symphonic concerts in the city, with the participation of both domestic and foreign performers whose main aim was to convey the passion for music.

During 1967 the Municipal Orchestra of Barcelona became the Orquesta of the Barcelona City (OCB). Once the Generalitat of Catalonia was established in 1994, the orchestra acquired its current name: Barcelona Symphony Orchestra – The National Orchestra of Catalonia (OBC), the most important symphony orchestra and more stable one in Catalonia also. The OBC belongs to the Spanish Association of Orchestras.

In 1999 the OBC was established in his new venue: l’Auditori of Barcelona, designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, from where it spread its musical activity. Each year, the OBC presents its seasonal concerts to the public from l’Auditori, with autochthonous and foreign musicians who make us ejyou music in its pure state. A season of the OBC brings together more than 10,000 subscriptions, some 75 concerts and is followed by about 145,000 spectators. In addition, now it is possible to enjoy some of the concerts via Internet.

Apart from its activities in Barcelona, the OBC maintains a continuous and recognized artistic activity abroad, with tours throughout Europe, Asia and the United States where it has performed in renowned halls.

The large and varied symphonic season covers a very broad program, which is accessible to everyone and is recomended for all ages. The OBC has the ability to reach all music lovers and educate them to enjoy this wonderful world that is music.